Stampi Café, Vila de Gracia

Stampi Café is a pleasant spot situated next to Plaça del Sol, a lively square which is arguably one of the most popular locations in Vila de Gracia. In this café you can find a variety of quality sandwiches, drinks and a few dishes to share with friends. The warm and stylish decoration is perfectly suited for both daytime and nighttime situations.

We went on a Tuesday afternoon to have some lunch and we were very satisfied by what this place had to offer.

Restaurant information
Type of food: Cocktails, tapas and sandwiches.
Address: Carrer del Planeta, 41, 08012
Opening hours: Mon: Closed, Tue – Thu:  11AM – 1:30 AM, Fri & Sat 11AM – 3:00AM, Sun: 11AM – 11PM.
Online menu: Not available, but we have pictures of it. Menu 1, Menu 2
Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten-free options: Vegetarian available.
Type of atmosphere: Cozy and relaxing.

Our experience
People: Eeva and Rafa.
Visited on: November 2018.
Type of meal: Lunch
Drinks: 1 green tea, 1 coffee with milk, 1 carbonated water and 1 bottle of water.  (4)
Average drink price: €1.50 – €3.00 (for non-alcoholic drinks)

Hummus €4.70
Stampi Hummus 1
Stampi Hummus 2

Eeva’s choice – Aaron (Speck, brie, rucula, aubergine) – €5.70
Stampi Brie Speck 1
Stampi Brie Speck 2

Rafa’s choice – Machete (Chicken, edam, homemade guacamole, chipotle sauce) – €6.20
Stampi Chicken Guacamole 1
Stampi Chicken Guacamole 2

Total price (incl. drinks): €23.90 (per person: €11.95) – Very Cheap

Our opinions
Eeva – “I liked the calm atmosphere in Stampi Cafe. If you want to have a lunch without feeling rushed, this is a perfect place to sit down and relax a bit. The portions are big and the sandwiches are perfect for sharing. I really liked the hummus because of its texture, it had small pieces of chickpeas which made it nice to chew on. I thought both sandwiches were good as well and the ingredients were really fresh. I was also happy about the coffee with milk because the coffee wasn’t bitter at all. I would definitely order the same things all over again!”

Rafa – “The hummus here was amazing! Very flavourful and the perfect pita bread to hummus ratio, what I don’t really like from other places I’ve had hummus at is that usually you get too much hummus and not enough things to dip into but here it was just the right amount. The sandwich I ordered was really tasty as well, the guacamole was very fresh and went along perfectly with the chicken and the chipotle. The service was really friendly too so overall I’d say we had a fantastic experience.

Final Ratings
Eeva – 8.5 / Rafa – 8.5

Consensus: 8.5 (Excellent)



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