Sabes Una Cosa, Vila de Gracia

Sabes Una Cosa is a colorful Mexican restaurant with a great atmosphere located on Carrer de Tordera in Vila de Gracia. This particular street is a curious one, it gives an impression that there’s not that many things to check out at first, but after exploring a bit we realized its full of hidden gems, such as this one. In Barcelona it’s sometimes difficult to find Mexican food that is authenic, reasonably priced and delicious, so we were very happy to find out that there is a spot that satisfies those three requirements just two streets away from our apartment!

We went there on a Wednesday night to try out some of their dishes and we were delighted by everything they had to offer.

Restaurant information
Type of food: Mexican food.
Address: Carrer de Tordera, 52, 08012 Barcelona
Opening hours: Mon: 7:30PM–12AM / Tue: Closed / Wed – Sun : 1:30–4PM, 7:30PM–12AM
Online menu: Not available, but we have a picture of it.
Picture from the restaurant: Menu / Desserts
Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten-free options: Vegetarian and vegan available.
Type of atmosphere: Cheerful, friendly.

Our experience
People: Eeva, Rafa and Pablo.
Visited on: December 2018.
Type of meal: Dinner.
Drinks: 3 glasses of “Jamaica” water. (3)
Average drink price: Drinks Menu

“Jamaica” water (made with dried hibiscus flowers) – €2.80Sabes Una Cosa Agua Jamaica

Flautas (Crunchy tacos with chicken, lettuce, guacamole, cheese and sour cream) – €9.20Sabes Una Cosa Flautas 1

Nachos “charros” (with beans, cheese, guacamole and sour cream) – €8.60Sabes Una Cosa Nachos 1

Alambre de Chuleta (Pork fajitas with bacon, mushrooms, peppers, onion and cheese) + 4 corn tortillas – €12.50Sabes Una Cosa Alambre


Ropa Vieja a la Poblana (Beef cooked at low temperature with onions, potatoes and spicy chiles) + 4 corn tortillas – €14.70Sabes una Cosa Ropa Vieja


“Tres Leches” Cake– €5.80Sabes Una Cosa Tarta Tres Leches 1

Total price (incl. drinks): €56.90. Per person: €19.63 Reasonable

Our opinions
Eeva – “I’m a huge fan of Mexican food! After visiting Mexico it’s hard to find a good place that can bring back the feeling of being in Mexico, but Sabes una Cosa did the job. I loved everything that we ordered, but I think my favourite dish was their “flautas”. They were amazing! The crunchy tacos go perfectly together with the sauces and cheese and overall the combination is fresh and tasty. I could eat them every day. I also have to mention that their nachos are very good! We don’t usually order nachos because sometimes nachos aren’t well prepared and the guacamole doesn’t have that much flavour, but I would definitely order their nachos again. We were really full but we decided to try their dessert and that was the cherry on top. That piece of “tres leches” cake was super delicious. It was moist, not too sweet and the presentation was beautiful. Don’t skip the dessert! I would go back to Sabes una cosa anytime!

Rafa – “Everything in this restaurant was delicious. Even their “jamaica” water was perfectly made. It is interesting because whenever I go back to Mexico I usually never order this type of drink when I eat out since they tend to put way too much sugar in it but here it was perfectly balanced, I think that says a lot about how much they care about their food. Aside from being so amazed by our drink choice, I’d have to say that my favourite dish was probably the alambre, it’s a dish that I tend to cook a lot at home so I know it quite well and I’m happy to say that the one they make here exceeded all my expectations.”

Pablo – “For all the seemingly high-quality Mexican restaurants in western Europe, which only end up being expensive and disappointing (and far from authentic), Sabes una Cosa is an unexpected and welcomed discovery. As opposed to the norm, it’s a small unassuming restaurant slightly hidden in a narrow street in Gracia. It manages to capture a Mexican essence in its decor, and more importantly in its food. I would say this is one of the best Mexican restaurants outside of Mexico, and even compared to ones within Mexico, it would fair quite well.”

Final Ratings
Eeva – 9.2 / Rafa – 9.3 / Pablo – 9.1

Consensus: 9.2 (Best of Barcelona)



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