La Vespa Burger Bar (Lunch Menu), Vila de Gracia

La Vespa Burger Bar is a restaurant with a laid-back vibe located on Torrent de l’Olla in Vila de Gràcia, just 1 minute away from the famous Plaça del Sol. This place offers something we hadn’t heard of before, Italian style burgers. We were very intrigued by the concept, so we decided to have dinner at this spot a few months ago and it turned out to be pretty tasty. That same day we also noticed that they had a fairly cheap lunch menu option available, so a few days ago we decided to it try out as well. 

We went there on a Tuesday afternoon to have lunch and it was definitely a pleasant experience.

Restaurant information
Type of food: Italian style Burgers.
Address: Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 99, 08012 Barcelona
Opening hours: Mon – Wed: 1:30–4PM 8PM–12AM / Thu: 1:30–4PM 8PM–12:30AM / Fri – Sat: 1:30–4PM 8PM–1AM / Sunday: 2–5PM 8PM–12AM
Online menu: It’s a lunch menu so it varies.
Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten-free options: Vegetarian available.
Type of atmosphere: During lunch time it is very relaxed.

Our experience
People: Eeva, Rafa and Sami.
Visited on: March 2019.
Type of meal: Lunch Menu.
Drinks: 3 beers on tap. (3)
Average drink price: A drink was included in the menu.

Eeva’s choice – Italia (200g burger, Mozzarela di Bufala, sun dried tomato, pesto, onion and rucula)
La Vespa_Italiana_1500

Rafa’s choice – Afrodisiaca (200g burger, spicy guacamole, fontina cheese, figueras onion, lettuce and home made mayo)
La Vespa_Afrodisiaca_Burger_1500

Sami’s choice -Porchetta (Boneless pork roast, rucula and extra virgin olive oil)
La Vespa_Porchetta_1500

Total price (incl. drinks):
€25.20. Per person: €8.40 – Very Cheap

Our opinions
Eeva – “La Vespa is a very nice and relaxed burger place and I’m happy to have this great place close to our home. The portions are big so if you are really hungry, this is the perfect place for you. I love potatoes and I thought these were very good and the burger even better. I was craving for pesto and their pesto was the answer to my cravings! I think the combination of dried tomato, mozzarella and pesto was perfect! I would definitely eat that burger again anytime. This burger also goes to my all time favourite burger list!

Rafa – “This is an excellent place to have lunch every once in a while, the prices are great and you have a pretty good selection to choose from. I really like the seasoning of the meat and the ingredients chosen to complement the burger are spot on. The potatoes were very tasty as well, they have a nice crunchy texture so it’s a nice alternative to classic fries or “bravas”. It’s also nice that during lunch time it’s not too busy so the atmosphere is very calm. The only problem I had with my burger was that the bread was falling apart near the end but that didn’t seem to be a problem with Eeva and Sami, so I guess in my case maybe the bun chosen wasn’t the most suitable for this burger. However, the flavours were so good that I didn’t mind it at all.

Final Ratings
Eeva – 8.5 / Rafa – 8.3 / Sami – 9.0

Consensus: 8.6 (Excellent)

La Vespa:


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