Unwind: Favourite Tapas and Dishes in Vila de Gràcia

The amount of delicious and affordable restaurants you can find in Vila de Gràcia, Barcelona is simply astounding, there is such a wide selection of places and types of cuisine to choose from that it would be unfair to simply create a list of the “top places” in this amazing neighborhood. That’s one of the main reasons why we’ve created a food guide/recipe book, and we wanted to share some of the content you can find in our book, in this case we’re mentioning just a few of our favourite dishes and tapas you can find in this wonderful “barrio”.

Eeva’s fav – Octopus on mashed potatoes – Bodega QuimetBodega Quimet - Pulpo Feature.jpg

It’s not a surprise that the food in Bodega Quimet is amazing (can’t stop talking about this place) but I wasn’t prepared to have octopus this delicious! I’ve had octopus in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) so I guess my standards are bit high, but I think the one in Quimet is even better. The sauce is so tasty and the octopus is not chewy at all, it basically melts in your mouth, the mashed potatoes are a flawless complement as well. It is also a very impressive looking dish, it really makes heads turn everytime it’s being carried around in the restaurant.

Rafa’s fav – Meatballs stuffed with Manchego Cheese, Pilaf rice and Gorgonzola Cream – El 68El 68 - Meatballs Feature 2.jpg

El 68 is definitely one of a kind, considering how affordable it is you would never expect it to be a full fledged fine dining experience, but this is a dish that really showcases the culinary talents of the people that work here. Having a bite of this tender, flavourful sphere is simply delightful! There are few things that I love more than cheese so having this perfectly seasoned meat paired with gorgonzola and manchego is simply a dream come true.

Eeva’s fav – Ceviche PeruanoToma Ya Street FoodToma Ya - Ceviche Feature.jpg

The best peruvian ceviche I’ve had so far. I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing in my mouth the first time I had it. The fish is perfectly prepared and all the ingredients are in balance. Sometimes I feel that ceviche is a bit too bitter for my taste but this definitely was not the case. I couldn’t stop thinking about this dish the day after, although my daydreams haven’t been limited to the next day, I’ve been dreaming about it many times afterwards! It is definitely one of my favourite dishes in all of Gracia, I would eat it again anytime.

(Toma Ya is currently closed due to external circumstances, but we’re really hoping they re-open as soon as possible. Wishing them the best of luck!) They have reopened!

Rafa’s fav – Truffled trikini (with iberian ham, brie cheese and arugula)BarravasBarravas - Trikini Feature 2.jpg

A “Bikini” is a traditional white bread ham and cheese sandwich that can be found pretty much anywhere in this city. Bars, coffee shops, restaurants, schools, most of these places offer it in it’s classic, uneventful form. However, that’s definitely not the case at Barravas, here you get a special edition version of this well known sandwich, it contains an extra slice of bread (this is a “TRIkini” not a “BIkini), melt-in-your-mouth cured ham, fresh arugula and delicious brie cheese, plus a touch of truffled oil, which is basically a touch of genius! All the food at Barravas is of premium quality, but I think this one is definitely the standout.

Eeva’s fav – Tortilla de patatasCasa LopezCasa Lopez - Tortilla Patata.jpg
I’ve had many “tortillas de patata” (spainish omelette) in my lifetime but there’s no tortilla like the one in Casa Lopez. When I was walking from Pamplona to Santiago while walking “El Camino de Santiago” I tried tortillas in many cities and villages but I never thought I would find the best one so close to our home. Making a tortilla is very hard, it’s pretty much an art, and in many restaurants I’ve been to they usually serve it overcooked or without much flavour. This is definitely not the case in Casa Lopez, I recommend it wholeheartedly

Rafa’s fav – Flautas (Crunchy tacos with chicken, lettuce, guacamole, cheese and sour cream) Sabes Una CosaSabes una Cosa - Flautas Feature 2.jpg
I was born and raised in Mexico and have tried many different versions of this typical dish, it’s pretty much a fried corn taco with chicken inside and several toppings. I’ve never been really impressed with it so I was shocked when I tried the ones at Sabes una Cosa, I couldn’t believe that after all these years I’d have the best flautas ever in a restaurant that is not even located in Mexico! I think the secret here is the crunch of the fried tortilla, the consistency is simply amazing, I don’t know what they do in order to make it taste so wonderful, but I hope they keep doing it for years to come.


3 responses to “Unwind: Favourite Tapas and Dishes in Vila de Gràcia”

  1. Isabel Carracedo Avatar
    Isabel Carracedo

    Increíbles tapas, Rafa y Eeva, en cuanto vaya a Barcelona voy a probarlas todas.
    Gracias por reseñas tan profesionales, bien hechas y fotos excepcionales.


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