Feature: Syrniki in Barcelona

A couple of weeks ago a picture caught our attention on Instagram while browsing the Barcelona food hashtag. At first glance it seemed like tiny pancakes covered with strawberry jam, but at the same time it didn’t really look like a conventional dessert of any kind. We were very intrigued.

Hace un par de semanas, una imagen realmente llamó nuestra atención en Instagram mientras explorabamos el hashtag de comida de Barcelona. A primera vista, pensábamos que eran pequeños pancakes cubiertos con mermelada de fresa, pero al mismo tiempo no parecía exactamente un postre convencional de ningún tipo. Estábamos muy intrigados.

The photo was posted by an account called anisweetlab and on the caption it explained that this scrumptious looking dish was “Syrniki” and that that the main ingredient was cottage cheese! Being massive cheese lovers we left a comment praising the tasty look of the dish and some hours later we were contacted by the anisweetlab team. They gave us an even more detailed explanation about the Syrniki and then they were kind enough to give us a box in order to try them out.

La foto fue publicada por una cuenta llamada anisweetlab y explicaban que este delicioso platillo era “Syrniki” y que su ingrediente principal era el queso cottage. Nos encanta todo relacionado con queso, entonces les dejamos un comentario sobre el excelente aspecto del platillo y unas horas después nos contactó el equipo de anisweetlab. Nos dieron una explicación aún más detallada sobre los Syrniki y luego tuvieron la amabilidad de darnos una caja para probarlos.

Anisweetlab Syrniki Box.jpg

The taste was so different from anything we’ve had before, it had the perfect amount of sweetness and a nice, soft cheesy taste. The flavour had this addictive quality, after finishing one we were right away thinking about having the next one. We were advised to try it out with yogurt as well so we decided put together a bowl consisting of greek yogurt, syrniki, fresh blueberries and pumpkin seeds; the result was absolutely delicious.

El sabor era único, no se parecía a ningún tipo de postre que hubiéramos probado antes, tenía la cantidad perfecta de dulzura y un muy agradable sabor a queso, muy suave. El sabor era un poco adictivo también, después de terminar uno, enseguida estábamos pensando en comer otro más. Nos aconsejaron que lo probáramos con yogur, así que decidimos armar un bowl con yogur griego, syrniki, arándanos frescos y semillas de calabaza; el resultado fue absolutamente delicioso.

Anisweetlab Syrniki.jpg

We asked the anisweetlab team a few questions to know more about Syrniki and their passion for cooking. (Version en Español)

Hello and thank you so much for showing us this wonderful dessert, could you please introduce the team behind anisweetlab?
ASL: Hi! We are two girls from Russia and at the moment we are living in Barcelona. We’re passionate about cooking, trying different kinds of food some of our favorite dishes are syrniki and zapekanka.

Could you essentially explain what Syrniki is?
ASL: In a nutshell, syrniki – is a fried pancake made from quark (cottage cheese/tvorog), traditionally served with sour cream, honey, jam or varenye (russian name of fruit/berry jam). Normally, they are sweet and are great for breakfast or dessert, but frankly speaking, we can eat them in every meal – they are so delicious!

Where do Syrniki come from? Are they from a specific region?
ASL: Their place of origin is Ukraine, nevertheless, they are also associated with Belarusian, Polish, Russian and Lithuanian national cuisine. In Russia they are very popular and people really love them.

Where did the idea to make Syrinki in Barcelona come from?
ASL: We wanted to share our love for this dessert with others and introduce it to Spanish people and people living in Barcelona. We are 100% sure that when you try these desserts – you’ll definitely like them!

To know more about anisweetlab and order any of their desserts be sure to check out their Instagram profile.

Para saber más sobre anisweetlab y ordenar cualquiera de sus postres, toda la información esta disponible en su perfil de Instagram.





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