Red Garter, Barri Gótic

Red Garter is an American-style steakhouse located on Passeig de Colom, an avenue that is connected to what is possibly the most transited area in Barcelona: “Las Ramblas”. The location might not sound very attractive at first if you’re trying to run away from hordes of tourists but fear not, Passeig de Colom is not as busy compared to other parts in the “Gothic Quarter”. An interesting fact about Red Garter is that they have two restaurants in existence, the first one was founded in Florence, Italy in 1962 and then in 2017 they opened their Barcelona branch.

For several months we really wanted to check this place out but since it’s relatively “far away” from our lovely neighborhood, Vila de Gràcia, we hadn’t had the opportunity. But that changed a few weeks ago since we won a coupon to try 10 of their chicken wings so we knew we had no excuse at that point! We went there on a Thursday night to eat some wings and try out some other things in their menu. Our friend Ricardo joined us for dinner as well.

Restaurant information
Type of food: Burgers, steak, chicken, seafood, salads.
Address: Passeig de Colom, 23, 08002 Barcelona
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 8:30AM–3AM
Online menu: Available (from their website) / Online delivery menu
Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten-free options: Vegetarian available.
Type of atmosphere: Very casual, friendly, good for groups.

Our experience
People: Eeva, Rafa and Ricardo.
Visited on: August 2019.
Type of meal: Dinner
Drinks: One 1 liter beer and one regular beer. (2)
Average drink price: €2.00 – €5.00 (Cheaper during happy hour)

10 Chicken wings (5 Sweet Chlli / 5 Jack Daniels)
Red Garter Wings

Eeva and Rafa’s choice (We shared the burger) – 300gr Rodeo Burger (Crispy onion ring, smoked bacon, melted cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce with lettuce and tomato)
Red Garter Burger.jpg

Ricardo’s choice – Fish and Chips
Red Garter Fish and Chips

Total price (incl. drinks):
€36.30 (Excluding the wings, since we had a coupon for them, regular price is around 6) Per person: €12.10 – Affordable

Our opinions
Eeva – “Going to a steakhouse is not really my thing to be honest and I was a bit skeptical going there but I’m glad we did in the end. First we tried their wings and they were really good. They were nicely cooked and I liked the spicy sauce, it wasn’t really that hot but the flavours complemented the wings nicely. The burger was cooked perfectly. although it could’ve had a bit more salt but otherwise the bun and the other ingredients were fresh and worked well together. I’m picky when it comes to potatoes so I was happy to see that the “fries” weren’t any kind frozen fries, they actually tasted like real potatoes. All things considered, I would definitely go back to Red Garter and eat there again. There is also a very funny/interesting thing going on inside the bathrooms, specifically in front of the sink, but you’ll have to go there and see it yourself.

Rafa – “It had been years since I’d been in one of these American-style steakhouse/eateries, I must admit I’m not that big of a fan of these type of places, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and atmosphere here. The chicken wings were in general very juicy and tasteful, although the spicy wings were a bit better than the Jack Daniels ones. The 300gr burger was massive, a lot bigger than we expected, so I’m glad we decided to share. The quality of the meat was really good and it was cooked just the way we asked but also a bit underseasoned. However, the rest of the elements in the burger made up for the meat’s lack of seasoning, the cheese and bacon were especially tasty. The service was great as well! Our waiter was super friendly and very efficient. It’s also worth mentioning that we arrived during happy hour so beer was pretty cheap, around 7 euro for 1 liter of Heineken.”

Final Ratings
Eeva – 7.9 / Rafa – 8.0 / Ricardo – 7.5

Consensus: 7.8 (Very Good)



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