Croq & Roll, Vila de Gracia

Following a recommendation from a friend, we stopped by Croq & Roll to try their “patatas bravas” and “croquetas”, two staples of Spanish tapa culture. This is one of those spots in Vila de Gràcia that looks very busy most of the time, so we had been hesitant to go since we’re not fans of crowded places, but in this occasion we picked a pretty good time (around 4 PM) to check it out, it was nearly empty when we got there.

The place is nicely set up, it’s pretty spacious and it’s got comfortable seating, although from the outside it seems relatively small, it can actually host a large amount of people.

Croq Roll Interior A.png

Based on our friend’s recomendation, we ordered the Sweet Potato Bravas, the sauce was really good, a mix between sweet and slightly spicy, the bravas weren’t oily at all and the portion was huge, even though it didn’t look that big, these are best shared with 3 – 4 people. Sometimes the combination of the sauce and the sweet potato was a bit cloying after having eaten a few, so maybe we’ll try the normal potatoes next time.

Croq Roll Bravas Boniato.png

We ordered 4 different types of croquetas, Black “Butifarra” with Apple, Ground Beef (Minced meat) with pistacchio, Spinach with Goat Cheese and Gorgonzola with Pear. The fillings were very tasty in general, especially the Gorgonzola and the Ground Beef ones. They also had the classic “Jamon Iberico” croquetas listed in the menu which we really wanted to try but unfortunately didn’t have them this time around. The croquetas were incredibly well fried as well and the coating was super crispy, in our opinion the consistency is very important because a soggy and oily croqueta will only ruin your stomach and probably your whole evening.

Croq Roll Croquetas.png

To accompany our food we got a couple of beers, they’ve got Estrella Galicia on tap which is one of the tastiest mainstream lagers you can find so that’s a plus, aside from that there is a nice selection of wine and artisanal beers you can choose from.

Overall it was an enjoyable experience and it was very reasonably priced, definitely a good option to grab a quick bite or bring a group of friends.

Total paid (including drinks): €15,85Per person: €7,92 – Very Cheap

Our scores: Eeva – 7.8 / Rafa – 7.6 | Consensus: 7.7 (Very Good)



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