Hideout Burger / Folks Burgers (Bravurger Tour), Eixample / El Born

The Bravurger tour is a “patatas bravas” and hamburger tour organized by the people behind Best Burger BCN and Bravas Barcelona, two of the most influential food websites / Instagram accounts in the city. They’ve partnered with five restaurants in order to create exclusive “bravas and burgers” packs that can only be enjoyed for a limited period of time.

Last year we only managed to go to one of the stops of the tour: the incredible Atabalats Gastrobar, a stylish restaurant located in the beautiful Gracia neighborhood. The burger we had on that occasion ranks as the tastiest burger we’ve eaten in Barcelona to this day, so we decided we’d make an effort to check most of the stops in the 2020 edition of the tour.

First Stop: Folks Burgers – Carrer del Portal Nou, 19, 08003 Barcelona

Folks is a burger joint located in “El Born”, one of Barcelona’s trendiest areas. We decided to arrive at opening time and it turned out to be a good decision since the restaurant is fairly small. The place is nicely decorated and the tables are designed in a clever way, they can be locked into each other like puzzle pieces, that way you can put two together without taking up a lot of space.


We proceeded to order our “bravurger” packs and a refreshing Turia beer on tap. The burger looked very promising, 150g beef burger made from two different cuts of meat, topped with cheese, fried green tomatoes, onion, butifarra (Catalan style sausage), arugula and a light garlic bechamel. However, the meat wasn’t seasoned well, the texture was pleasant but lacked taste, the toppings didn’t stand out either, the cheese was good but the burger definitely required some condiments in order to improve, we asked for some chipotle sauce and it definitely gave it a much needed extra kick.

The patatas bravas were good, they were crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, you could tell both the alioli and brava sauce were carefully made as well. To be completely honest we were somewhat disappointed by Folks, service was quick, beer was fresh but the meal a tad underwhelming, we’d still be curious about trying their normal burgers since maybe they were somewhat in a rush to make the food for this specific event.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to go to the second stop of the tour, El Beco de Blesa, since we hadn’t realized that the day we were planning to go was the same day stop number three was scheduled to start.

Third Stop: Hideout Burger – Carrer del Consell de Cent, 242, 08011 Barcelona

When we arrived to Hideout Burger, it was completely packed and it had 4 to 5 groups of people waiting outside. The restaurant is quite big, it has very modern decoration and the entrance to the place is completely see through, so you can get a good glimpse of what’s going on inside.


After waiting for around 20 minutes we were finally able to get a table. The place was extremely busy but we managed to order our drinks pretty quickly and the “bravurger” packs arrived just minutes after. The patatas bravas were actually made with french fries, something that purists would definitely go against, but in the end they are just fried potatoes, and these ones were super delicious. The “brava sauce” was actually “carne louca” a very popular brazilian pulled beef stew so it they tasted like nothing we’d ever had before, the alioli was extremely tasty as well.


The burger was also very orginal, we found out that it’s called a “smashburger”, which means that they take pieces of irregularly shaped ground beef (they don’t form patties) and flatten them with a spatula on a griddle. This particular one was served on a very fluffy bun and topped with “catupiry”, an ultra popular Brazilian cream cheese sauce. In this case the burger didn’t have a very appealing look but the taste was incredible. The meat was seasoned perfectly and the “catupiry” complemented it so well, we just had to add some Valentina sauce for a bit of extra flavour and the end result was simply magnificent.

We left this restaurant very satisfied and wanting to go back soon in order to try the rest of their menu items, it is located very close to one of our favourite bars ever, Bar Bágoa, so that’s a big plus. This last experience defintely motivated us to check out the remaining stops of the tour, and hopefully they will stimulate our taste buds as much as Hideout Burger did.

Folks Burgers –
Total paid (including drinks): €41,55 | Per person: €13.85 – Affordable
Our scores: Eeva – 6.9 / Rafa – 6.8 / Pablo – 6.4 | Consensus: 6.7 (Fair)

Hideout Burger –
Total paid (including drinks): €40,50 | Per person: €13.5 – Affordable
Our scores: Eeva – 8.5 / Rafa – 8.7 / Pablo – 8.2 | Consensus: 8.5 (Excellent)

Folks Burgers: instagram.com/folks_burgers/
Hideout Burger: instagram.com/hideout.burger/
Bravas BCN: bravasbcn.com/
Best Burger BCN: bestburgerbcn.com/



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