We are Eeva and Rafa, a Finnish-Mexican couple who are really passionate about food. Our blog is mainly focused on finding the best value and best quality meals in the amazing city of Barcelona. We’ve been exploring Barcelona’s bar and restaurant scene for some years and have realised that it’s a paradise for food lovers.

Our main objective is to show food as it arrives to the table, our photos use minimal editing and natural arrangements, we do this to reflect the reality of eating at these places. Sometimes we feel that most pictures of food online are carefully planned and have a very artificial feeling to them, so that’s why we are offering a different approach.

It’s very important for us to give reliable and realistic food reviews. We want to show people where to find the tastiest lunch menus and the most delightful late night dinners, without spending too much money.

Rating system
In each post we will rate the quality of the meal from 1 to 10 and add a few comments about the whole experience.

We also have a price rating system which is the following:

Blue – Very cheap (up to 12 euros per person)
Green – Affordable (12 to 18 euros)
Orange – Reasonable (18 to 25 euros)
Purple – Expensive (25 euros and up)

These are the prices for the full meals with drinks, our main rule regarding drinks is to have one or two per person at most (either normal or alcoholic).

Features, Podcast and Recipes
Aside from the reviews, you can also find features, delicious recipes from our home countries and a series of podcasts as well!

Help us persue our passion by telling your friends about us, follow us on Instagram and be sure to contact us in case you want to work with us, have questions in mind or leave us suggestions about where we should eat next. We hope you find our blog helpful and it enhances your experience of eating in Barcelona! 🙂


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